Tirana— Albania’s Colorful Capital

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Tirana,—where history meets modernity and vibrant street art tells the city’s evolving story. From the architectural wonders of Skanderbeg Square to the lively café culture in Blloku, discover the hidden charms and rich contrasts of Albania’s most colorful city.

Exploring Dublin: A Three-Day Adventure

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Discover Dublin’s rich tapestry of history and culture in just three days! Dive into the city’s vibrant culture at Trinity College and Kilmainham Gaol, then pay homage to Ireland’s past at Glasnevin Cemetery. Don’t miss out on the lively atmosphere of Temple Bar. Join me as we explore the best of Dublin’s charm and character!

Celebrating Frida Kahlo’s Mexico: A 10-Day Journey from Mexico City to Oaxaca


Journey from the vibrant Mexico City to the spirited Oaxaca, with a stop in Tehuantepec, tracing Frida Kahlo’s deep connection to Mexico’s cultural tapestry. Explore her Blue House in the capital, feel the indigenous pulse in Tehuantepec, and savor Oaxaca’s rich traditions—a vivid reflection of Frida’s artistic legacy