A vegetarian's travel adventures

Tips and stories about where my feet have taken me

Old Delhi

Old Delhi is a cacophony of sounds, fragrances, smells and humanity.

Mostly a commercial center. The narrow and crowded streets break into retail neighborhoods.

Areas specializing in hardware and spices are intermingled with flower markets, spice markets and textile wholesalers.

Street food is everywhere. A vegetarian’s haven. Make sure everything you eat is cooked and safe for consumption. NEVER eat any raw vegetables, salads or fruit that you do not peel. The water in India is quite toxic to westerners. I know this from personal experience.

Some areas of Old Delhi are Muslim and others Hindu. All areas however surge with people of both faiths. They intermingle and flow together in an irresistible wave of humanity.

In Old Delhi you will see vendors selling everything from leather belts to festival novelties.

 Around every corner you will find Hindu shrines and Temples. Islamic Mosques and sprawling Sikh Temples.

Don’t miss sniffing out the spice markets where the tons of chilis literally takes your breath away.

Rickshaws, some bicycle powered, some electric and others gasoline view for right of way in crowded streets teeming with humanity and carts pulled by oxen.


The story continues in photos. The captions form the narrative.