Traveling turns you into a great storyteller

About me

Leave footprints wherever you go

I love traveling. I love cities, mountains and small towns. Mostly I like pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Here is my invitation to you — hop on board and join me in discovery. Not only of far away places but self-discovery. I promise to find the unheralded and unusual. I’ll share with you my photos and secrets on how to find vegetarian food all over the globe. Ha, but don’t worry, carnivores and omnivores can always find their preferred fare.

Travel has been my passion for 15 years now. And, the world has changed. I must travel farther and deeper to find the cultural differences that set the stage years ago.

I’ll share my trips with you. Even my short hops. I’m happy to share tips and my experiences.  Come along with me now and make sure you share your experiences too.

Dharmsala - Mcleod Ganj, India
Spinning the prayer wheels while circumambulating the Kora - Dharmsala, India

Travel History

The more you travel, the more you understand. There’s so much to discover about the world – the beauty and complexity of every experience is worth stretching yourself.


Recent Travels





Snippets from my most recent excursions. Sure, you will find the Pyramids, Eiffel Tower and the Tower of London. But, it’s the little things and real people that make travel memorable. I try to get people (including myself) in most photos because when we are dead our family will throw all the landscapes away. All that really matters is the humanity that we chronicle.

Travel Gallery

Every picture tells a story don’t it. So wrote Rod Stewart and Ron Wood, but you don’t need to be a poet (or a professional photographer) to tell your story. Just capture your moment and cherish it always.


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