A bit about me

Hey there, I’m JoAnne; welcome to my travel website.

My journey into the world of travel began with business trips, but it didn’t take long for me to fully embrace a life of countless adventures, purely driven by the joy they brought. Exploring different places sparked my deep craving for travel—the thrill of the unknown, the potential for fresh discoveries, and the excitement of hidden surprises.

As this passion for travel simmered within me, I still had a couple of kids at home. In those early days, I’d manage to squeeze in a trip here and there, just a week or so, to feed my growing appetite for exploration. Yet, as time passed and my kids left for college, eventually moving out of the house, my travel ambitions kicked into high gear. I found myself venturing to more places, embarking on longer journeys, and fully embracing the freedom to explore without as many constraints.

One thing I genuinely enjoy is immersing myself in the essence of a place. Whenever I’m in a new spot, you’ll find me walking around, totally in my element. Exploring diverse neighborhoods– you never know what unexpected or exciting thing you might encounter.

When it’s adventure-planning time, hiking and longer treks are always on my radar. The beauty of nature combined with the challenge of a good hike is an irresistible combo. Sometimes, I opt for solo journeys, enjoying quiet contemplation and self-discovery. Other times, I’m all about family bonding or joining up with fellow kindred spirits, who often become lifelong pals.

Poros, Greece
Standing in front of the clock tower in Poros, Greece.
Old Delhi, India

Being a vegetarian, trying out new foods is an adventure. Sure, it can be tricky depending on where I am, but discovering unique vegetarian dishes is always worth the effort. Trying different cuisines is like diving into the heart of a culture. And when eating vegetarian is tricky, there is always bread or rice.

My background in Sociology perfectly complements my love for travel. I love learning about different cultures, understanding the complexities of various communities, and venturing into unfamiliar territories that challenge my comfort zone. Yep, that’s where the real excitement lies.

While hiking holds a special place in my heart, I’m equally passionate about expressing my creativity through photography, stained glass, embroidery, and mosaics – I’m all about mixing these passions into my travels.

And when I’m not traveling, my heart finds happiness in the company of my loved ones–being together, sharing laughter, and creating lasting memories.

So, come on in and join me in this world of travel! My goal is to inspire you with my experiences and insights; remember, to truly capture the essence of a place, all you need to do is put on your shoes and hit the streets!